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The Darrington Food Bank Welcomes You

1080 N Sauk Avenue Darrington, WA 98241

W E L C O M E    H O M E    ----

Bringing our


to You


The Darrington Food Bank believes that access to nutritious food is a basic human right. We are committed to responding to the needs of our community by continuing to grow and collaborate with volunteers, donors and partners to ensure that no one goes hungry.

We will treat all people with respect, dignity and courtesy. We will work to provide an inclusive culture in which we all learn and work together.

What We Do

What We Do

W H O    W E    A R E    ----

The Darrington Food Bank has existed since 1983. All of our volunteers work and live within our community to help fight against hunger.

We coordinate food collection and distribution with a variety of businesses and organizations throughout Western Washington. All results yield directly back to the members within our Darrington community.

Stop by and say hello! 

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